Migration of Legacy Systems to IP

The telecommunications industry has been going through a period of dramatic change, brought on by a combination of new technology and the effects of global deregulation. Datatek is recognized for its expertise in migration strategies that give customers more options in their network evolution planning and has been sought after by major carriers and companies to provide this service. An example is the company’s work with Alcatel-Lucent’s Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 product family, where it assembled a product support team of experienced hardware/software engineers in response to the client’s end of product life cycle plan for the product line. The Datatek team designed and built migration products protecting the end customers’ existing investments while allowing for a smooth transition and seamless integration to alternate technologies.

As legacy systems and networks come to the end of life, our engineers have applied their extensive experience with a variety of networks and protocols to build tools that provide a migration path for customers’ evolving networks. Our current products are the DT-4284 and DT-4180, multi-port integrated access platforms for multiple protocols and networks. With 4 or 16 serial ports supporting speeds up to 115kbps and an Ethernet 10/100Mbps LAN, the DT-4284 and DT-4180 permit replacement of specialized equipment (modems, channel banks, X.25 PADs) and dedicated telecommunications facilities (T1, DDS, private lines) and allows these legacy services to be provided instead over ubiquitous IP networks.

Let Datatek assist you in your migration of legacy telecommunications protocols to IP. We will provide engineering support and consultative services from the initial planning stages of your migration to IP to final implementation.