Many businesses are facing the problem of migrating their networks and solutions to IPv6. To drive future business and meet compliance criteria, a significant investment is required to upgrade all systems, products and solutions to IPv6. The most common approach of running ‘dual-stack’ configurations with IPv4 and IPv6 on the same clients, servers and routers doesn’t solve the migration problem. Dual-stack provides both IPv4 and IPv6 in parallel. Many legacy systems don’t support IPv6 and cannot be replaced or upgraded without incurring major costs and risks. The Datatek IPv4-IPv6 Transformer closes the cost/risk gap and opens a valuable migration path to IPv6.

The Datatek IPv4-IPv6 Transformer is a multifunctional and highly-secure solution for migrating a customer’s IPv4 infrastructure to future IPv6 networks. The driving need to implement IPv6 in enterprise networks, cloud solutions and hosted environments requires a solid and reliable transition path. Datatek’s IPv4-IPv6 Transformer uses proprietary technology to connect legacy IPv4 infrastructures to the latest generation IPv6 networks and provides dynamic protection with IPsec security mechanisms.

Datatek’s IPv4-IPv6 Transformer provides a proven solution for IPv4 systems to transition to IPv6 quickly and easily. By migrating to an all-IPv6 network, the customer saves costs by not having to maintain dual IPv4 and IPv6 networks. The IPv4-IPv6 Transformer platform is based on proven design experience that has evolved from Datatek’s highly reliable and robust carrier-class line of protocol mediation products.

Let Datatek assist you in your migration from IPv4 to IPv6. We will provide engineering support and consultative services from the initial planning stages of your migration to IPv6 to final implementation.