Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 Support

Datatek Applications provides the maintenance and support of Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 data communications networks used by all the major telephone companies in the US including AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, Frontier and Fairpoint Communications. These data networks enable the operation, administration, and control of the telephone voice and transmission networks. These networks are comprised of over 2000 data switches, concentrators, and network management and security access hosts originally representing over one billion dollars of equipment and software. These networks, deployed over the last 20+ years, represent an older technology infrastructure that is not standards based, but is still an active and vital part of the service providers’ Operations Support Systems (OSS) network.

Datatek has developed and continues to support many migration products to bridge the gap between existing Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 networks and IP. We have also developed proprietary IP-Commkit software that permits interworking between the latest OSS hosts and Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 nodes using IP.

Datatek’s hardware and software expertise in the Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 family of products is vast. Our engineers are the original designers and developers of these products, so there are no problems too difficult to solve. Let Datatek support and assist your Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 networks. We will provide all of the necessary engineering and consultative services necessary to resolve your problems.