Universal Trunk Module (UTM)

Universal Trunk Module - Datakit Migration

Send your Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 Traffic over IP, Frame Relay or
ATM Networks

Product Overview

As IP, ATM and Frame Relay networks become more widespread, Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 networks become redundant and inefficient by comparison. The Universal Trunk is a Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 module that allows the customer to incrementally evolve towards these newer networking technologies.

With the Universal Trunk, the customer can employ more cost-effective interconnection facilities between nodes and other Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 components using IP, Frame Relay or ATM, rather than traditional – and costly – leased-line services. Another way of saying this is that it permits the movement of the Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 products toward the “network edge”. This is implemented by interconnecting Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 nodes with other Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 Nodes, Remote Shelves, or SAM devices over different backbone networks, such as IP, ATM or Frame Relay.


What is the Universal Trunk?

The Universal Trunk is a fully-integrated Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 module. It supports interconnection with other Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 nodes, remote shelves (MPCs) and all types of SAMs.

The Universal Trunk supports an IP infrastructure interface that is compatible with an IP-DSU. It also supports an RS-530 interface with both DDS and Frame Relay protocol support at serial rates up to T1. ATM networks are supported via an RJ48C connector at T1 or E1 rates.



The Universal Trunk contains an SNMP agent, which may be queried by one or more SNMP managers. It also supports sending SNMP Trap messages to a predefined SNMP manager

Field Software Upgrades

Field software updates, which can be initiated from a remote location, take place while the Universal Trunk is in service and transporting data. As new features and enhancements come out, you can upgrade to a new release of the Universal Trunk software using an industry-standard Telnet application or serial RS232 connection to the Universal Trunk.

Technical Specs


  • 10 LAN Interface – The 10BaseT port is a trunk port that is used for interfacing with an IP-based network. It simultaneously supports IP-DSU style DDS Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 trunks, and TCP/IP peer-level protocols.
  • T1/E1 Interface – An RJ48C connector is used for this interface. It is used for support of ATM networks at either T1 or E1 rates.
  • DB25 Serial Port – The Serial port may be software configured as a V.35 DTE or a RS232 DTE. It is used to interface to Datakit II VCS/BNS-2000 SAMSL/SAMML (DDS) style trunks. Frame Relay is also supported on this port.
  • RJ45 Console Port -The Console is used for initial configuration, if necessary.