Product Overview

IP (Internet Protocol) has become the backbone of today’s networks, but what becomes of the many legacy network elements that are incompatible with this infrastructure? Application and network redesign, interoperability testing and configuration of new network elements will be interruptive and costly. A part of your solution is built into the DT-4180.


The DT-4180 can be viewed as an Internet Protocol (IP) Access device. That is, it translates any of its supported protocols to the IP protocol suite. With 16 ports, each supporting speeds up to 115 kbps and a 10 Base-T LAN interface for IP connectivity, the DT-4180 translates the following protocols to IP interchangeably on a per-port basis: asynchronous, various bi-synchronous variants, HDLC, SDLC, X.25 and X.25 variants, E2A, Variable Bit Rate, RBP and more. The IP interface supports these protocols: IP, TCP, Telnet, RTP, ARP, SNMP, etc.

Network Applications Embedded Processor: (B)X.25 – to – IP

An example of one such vertical service option is Datatek’s (B)X.25 application. It provides enhanced protocol translation by allowing a telnet client to interface on a per Virtual Circuit (VC) basis to several (B)X.25 network elements.

The X.25 application supports:
– X.25 pass-through for Virtual Circuit (VC) aggregation
– Individual configuration of each X.25 Virtual Circuit (VC) as a PAD or a PASS-THROUGH interface
– Interfaces for the MacStar Operations Support System
– Record Boundary Preservation (RBP) protocol
– Switched Virtual Circuit (SVC) hunt groups across X.25 lines, allowing fault tolerant X.25 links to be established.



The DT-4180 TSR can function either as a drop-in direct replacement for a DS0 Channel Bank or it can replace the need for the Channel Bank entirely and its associated TDM network equipment to allow you to migrate your network to IP. As a Channel Bank drop-in replacement, all DS0s are terminated on the DT-4180 TSR and assigned individual time slots that can be managed via the TDM network. As a more effective TDM to IP migration solution, the DT-4180 TSR can eliminate the need for a Channel Bank entirely. Each DS0 channel is mapped into IP data packets and assigned a separate IP address, which can be accessed by the IP network as if they were serial ports

The DT-4180 TSR acts effectively as a TDM to IP converter and network manager. It offers this unique capability in an affordable, easy-to-use package.

DT-4180 - Network Configuration

In the diagram above, individual DS0s are joined by the TDM network into a T1 interface to the Channel Bank. The Channel Bank terminates each DS0 and provides a serial interface to the serial port on each network endpoint.

DT-4180 - Network Configuration

The diagram above depicts the DT-4180 TSR as a Channel Bank direct “drop in” replacement.The TSR port is configured for T1 (24 channels) or E1 (32 channels) and each is given a unique timeslot. Now, the DT-4180 TSR terminates each DS0 and provides the serial interface to the network equipment.

DT-4180 -X.25 to IP Network Configuration

A more effective approach is to eliminate the TDM network equipment and serial connections entirely. The DT-4180 TSR allows each DS0 channel to be assigned IP addresses and accessed by the IP network as if they were serial ports.A hybrid configuration of Serial and IP connections is possible as well with the DT-4180 TSR

Key Features

– Multiple protocol support for IP encapsulation and translation
– Closed User Group security for protection of sensitive network endpoints
– Peer-to-peer communications using secure encryption
– Extensive measurement reporting and diagnostic capabilities
– Host IP Address Resolution Table and Domain Name Service support
– Time Slot Router enabling Channel Bank / Cross-Connect replacement
– IP-GATE interface for IP routing over a Wide Area Network
– Alarm grid interface
– Temperature alarms
– SNMP management

Diagnostic Tools

The DT-4180 TSR provides detailed network management statistics, including packets and messages transmitted and received, and many more. Remote echo and route tracing diagnostics are available to help network managers isolate faults and refine network measurements.The DT-4180 TSR also supports the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

Network Security

The DT-4180 TSR provides an administrative login password with optional timeout for automatic console logoff as well as a configurable security banner displayed at each administrator’s login.With its Closed User Group (CUG) membership and calling security feature, the DT-4180 TSR can restrict access between DT-4180 TSR ports or individual endpoints in the IP network.


  • 2 – 10 LAN Interfaces
  • 16 User Ports
  • User Port Connector Type: RJ45
  • Serial Console Port
  • T1/E1


  • Telnet Console
  • Optional Data Encryption
  • Host IP Address Resolution Table
  • DNS Support
  • Closed User Groups
  • SNMP Agent


  • L: 16.9″ x W: 8.77″ x D: 1.72″

Protocols Supported

  • Async
  • Raw
  • X.25
  • BX.25
  • MLT (LTCN) Support
  • E2A


  • Asynchronous up to 115.2 Kbps
  • Synchronous up to 57.6 Kbps

Power Options

  • 48V DC
  • 120V AC w/adapter

Regulatory Information

  • UL / CSA
  • FCC Part 15B
  • NEBS Level 3