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Datatek Application IPv6 Transformer Provides IPv4-IPv6 Translation

Datatek Applications, founded in 1998, is a New Jersey based small business provider of custom software and hardware solutions for telecommunications customers. Datatek uses innovative techniques and value-added engineering to extend the life of current systems and reduce the total cost of ownership while adding new functionality to existing products. We help our customers achieve their goals of eliminating obsolescence by migrating from current to future systems.  Our IPv6 transition solution enables customers to move from IPv4 to IPv6 quickly and inexpensively.

Our customers are the major U.S. telecommunications service providers.

We are protocol specialists, providing HW/SW embedded solutions for migrating older protocols such as asynchronous and X.25 networks to IP without disruption.  Datatek provides network monitoring, network data processing and telemetry solutions using a variety of hardened and NEBS-certified systems that we have developed.

Datatek Applications is a privately owned company with headquarters in Lebanon NJ, about 1 hour west of New York City and about a 45 minute drive from Liberty (Newark) Airport (EWR).

To contact Datatek Applications, please E-mail us or call us at 732-667-1080

Datatek Application Inc.
Salem Industrial Park, Bldg 3
291 US 22 East, Suite 42
Lebanon, NJ 08833
Phone: 732.667.1080

For help on choosing the right Datatek products, pre-sales support, initial design & configuration assistance and overall relationship management,
Email: sales@datatekcorp.com

Technical Support
For technical assistance with your existing Datatek products,
Email: techsupport@datatekcorp.com